Food and Beverages

As a long-term consulting partner in this industry we speak your language, understand your business model and have developed industry solutions - together with our customers in various projects - that address the main challenges of the food and beverage industry.

The need to adapt to the market

Between a tense market for raw materials and pressure for margins on the customer site you have to adapt your business processes and use the information available in the SAP ERP system to make tactical and strategic business decisions. Comprehensive logistics and customer relationship concepts have to be established in a sustainable manner and must be continuously extended.

Cost potentials detection

Additional cost potentials in production and supply chain have to be detected and non-redundant systems for the handling of quality secured production processes have to be established.

Process models, data and IT systems are crucial

Heterogeneous process models, data and IT systems have to be adapted to the new business structures to secure the management of the company in accordance to the strategic and economic requirements.

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